10th International technology transfer conference – 10.ITTC


27 September and 9 – 13 October

27 September and 10 October

Workshops on How to prepare a pitch

Non public part of the event!

Location: IPS lecture room & Main lecture room at Jožef Stefan Institute

9 to 11 October 2017

R2B meetings between researchers and companies

Location: lobby of the main building, physics seminar room and the main conference room of the Jožef Stefan Institute


9 October at 11:00: Opening of R2B meetings. Short presentation of H2020 ICT programme. Dr. Andreja Umek Venturini, national delegate and contact point H2020 – ERC and ICT, Ministry of education, science and sport of Slovenia.
9 – 11 October: International brokerage event – R2B meetings: available HERE.

A matchmaking event is a quick and easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. Researchers meet the entrepreneurs and discuss their needs and offers. Each meeting lasts up to 30 minutes. Last years’ brokerage event attracted over 60 participants from nine countries. The majority of participants are active in the field of ICT, physics, materials, environment, robotics, biotechnology, manufacturing etc.

12 October 2017
Location: Main lecture room, Jožef Stefan Institute
8:30-9:00 Registration
9:15-9:30 Opening
Live streaming will be available HERE
Honourable speaker:
Danijel Lamperger, director, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
Session I: Introductory Speech
9:30 – 10:00 Acceleration/mentorship for start-ups and PoC programs for universities in context of Polish innovation ecosystem.
Live streaming will be available HERE
Krystian Gurba, deputy director, CTT CITTRU, Jagiellonian University in Krakow
10:00-10:30 Networking Break & Coffee
Session II: Spin-out creation
10:30-12:00 Best innovation with business proposition:  pitch competition
Presentation of eight selected business model proposals from public research labs to the investors and technology transfer experts.Pitch presentation: 5 minutes
Questions of the commission members: 5 minutes.There are 6 groups of criteria that are covered in the evaluation process:
1. Overall situation of the case
2. Product/application advantage
3. Market attractiveness
4. Competitive situation
5. Technology maturity
6. Risk versus return
Evaluation Commission:
Andrej Čušin, pomočnik direktorja, Kolektor Ventures
Borut Rismal, direktor, lastnik, Pasadena, Slovenija
Dejan Roljič, direktor, ABC accelerator
Dino Ivan Tot, partner, CEO, Media Lab Holding
Krystian Gurba, pomočnik direktorja, CTT CITTRU, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
Marjana Majerič, pomočnica direktorja, Tehnološki park Ljubljana, Slovenija
Roman Kužnar, direktor pri RC IKT
Uroš Glavan, partner, DTK Murka, Slovenija
12 October 2017
Location: Main lecture room, Jožef Stefan Institute
Session III: Scale up Business
Scale up – Alps launch conference
Parallel Session
12:00-12:10 How to scale up business in Alps region: Scale Up Alps project.
New scale-up support system platforms in Alps region.
Live streaming will be available HERE
Slovenian project partners:
Jožef Stefan Institute
Technology Park Ljubljana
Best innovation with business proposition – pitch competition:
12:10-12:45 Scale up business: How to do it / How to support it in PROs and support organizations? Round table and discussion.
How to offer SMEs use of infrastructure and access to key enabling technologies (KET) in PROs?
Live streaming will be available HERE
Founders of Slovenian start-up / scale-up companies:
Simon Mandelj, Co-founder, CEO, GEM motors d.o.o.
Andraž Logar, Co-founder, CEO,  3fs d.o.o.,
Primož Cigler, founder, CEO, ProteusNet d.o.o.Moderator: Larisa Vodeb, head of EU program group, Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia
Evaluation Commission meeting – winner selection. Non public part of the event!
Location: JSI meetings room.
Best innovation with business proposition:  pitch competition – Announcement of the winner
12:45-13:00 Announcement of the winner of the competition for the Best Innovation with Business Proposition from Research Labs
Live streaming will be available HERE
Members of the Evaluation Commission will present the winners.
13:00 End of the Conference day

13 October 2017
Location: Main lecture room, Jožef Stefan Institute

Information Society / IS 2017 Conference Ceremony
Live streaming will be available HERE
Parallel Session
11.30 – 11.35 Musical performance / Glasbena točka  
Poster session
9:00 – 16:00
SCI challenge
We invite all participants to vote for the best poster.
Location: lobby of the main building
11:35 – 11:40 Welcome Speech / Dobrodošlica Prof. Dr. Jadran Lenarčič
Director of Jožef Stefan Institute
11.40 – 11.50 Opening Speech / Slavnostni govor Dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič
Minister of Education, Science and Sport
11.50 – 11.55 Greetings / Pozdravni govor Prof. Dr. Bojan Orel
Chair of the Programme Committee of IS2017
Dean of Faculty of Computer and Information Science
11.55 – 12.40  Invited talk / Vabljeno predavanje
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Widmer
Johannes Kepler University (JKU),  Linz, Austria
12.40 – 12.55 Awards of IS2017 / Nagrade IS2017 Prof. Dr. Bojan Orel, IS Programme Chair
Prof. Dr. Matjaž Gams, IS Organization Chair
Dr. Mitja Luštrek, SLAIS President
Niko Schlamberger, President of Slovenian Society Informatika
10.ITTC: Awards ceremony – competition for the best innovation with commercial potential
Dr. Špela Stres, 10.ITTC Programme Chair / Members of the evaluation commission
12.55 – 13.00 Musical Performance / Glasbena točka
13.00 – 14.00 Cocktail Party / Zabava s prigrizki
Torta ob 20 letnici / Anniversary cake