September 17, 2014
Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Technology Transfer Conference

This years main topic is

Establishing international development cooperation:

IP creation and valorisation, financing innovation and international partnering

The Innovation day and the 7th International Technology Transfer Conference will tackle the following issues:

  • How to find and present the value of your IP to international partners, customers and investors?

  • How to test and modify the idea & product on the market and develop a start-up business model, new product launch in a company or a licensing business case on the basis of an academic research, industrial innovation or collaboration of both.


At the Conference the SPECIAL PRIZE FOR INNOVATIONS FROM PUBLIC RESEARCH ORGANIZATIONS will be organized. The emphasis of the prize is on presentation of the business propositions in front of the evaluation commission. 
The commission is constituted from the investors and the technology commercialization experts. The commission members evaluate the commercial potential of the presented innovative technologies and selected the prize winners.

More information about the prize is available here


The meetings between representatives and researcher of the Slovenian public research organizations academia and  companies will be organized. For further information about the meetings please contact for more information.

Nacionalni posvet o prenosu znanja / National Consultation on Knowledge Transfer 

In the course of the 7th International Technology Transfer Conference, the 1st National Consultation on Knowledge Transfer will take place, addressing the current state in the field of transfer of knowledge from the scientific sphere to economy. Additionally, ideas will be gathered and discussed in order to identify the strong and weak points in today’s setting, putting forward the solutions that could help shape a more effective future.