Technology Transfer Conference

October 24. - 25. 2011
Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia


On behalf of the Organizing Committee it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 4th International Technology Transfer Conference, which will be held in Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia on the 24. - 25. 10. 2011. The conference is organized by the Jožef Stefan Institute in cooperation with TechnoCenter at the University of Maribor, the Slovenian Technology Agency, National Institute of Chemistry, University of Nova Gorica (RRA SP) and the University of Ljubljana.


Please see the press release with the announcement of the winners of the conference prize in ENG and SLO.


The conference targets the researchers of public research organizations (PROs) in Europe with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge about technology transfer processes and their necessity. It also targets at enterprises, seeking collaboration with public research organizations.

The Conference is subdivided into two days. The 1st day of the conference is dedicated to:
-    technology transfer industrial relations between PROs, large enterprises and SMEs;
-    methods and tools to support technology transfer activities;
-    internationalization of innovation and business excellence;
-    spin-off creation; business development and preparing for the investment.
The emphasis of the spin-off creation is the workshop on seeking venture capital and pitch presentations of the inventors in front of the evaluation commission. The commission is constituted from the representatives of venture capital investors and the technology transfer experts. The commission members will evaluate the commercial potential of the presented innovative technologies and select the prize winners.

The 2nd day of the conference is designated to:
-    methods and results of contract and collaborative research aid;
-    technology transfer office organization challenges.

The emphasis of the 2nd day is on presenting the results of the selected consultants  (technology transfer facilitators) who work closely with PROs and industrial partners on the development of the cases for commercialization.

A Special prize for INOVATIONS FOR ECONOMY will be given. You can find more informations here.


The deadline for the submission of the complete application for the conference prizeSeptember 27th 2011.


Videolectures of the 1st day of the conference are available here.

Slides are available at the program.

Book of abstracts from the conference is available here.


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