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The Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer at the Jožef Stefan Institute has been operating as a financially independent internal unit of the Jožef Stefan Institute since 1. January 2011. Our primary task is to transfer technologies and innovations from the Jožef Stefan Institute, the most successful Slovenian research organization, to the economy, both by acquiring new cooperation with industry and by establishing spin-off companies, making market analyzes, helping to protect and market intellectual property.

We assist individuals in acquiring intellectual property rights and in contracting with industry, planning and setting up spin-off companies and their market penetration, and offer advice and assistance with project applications and business plans. We offer concrete advice for optimizing cases of intellectual property protection and carry out their active marketing, we provide professional legal advice, especially in the field of intellectual property and opportunities for exploitation of intellectual property rights (technological assessments and market assessments), we look for suitable partners for selling intellectual property. In addition, we also prepare appropriate agreements for the licensing or sale of intellectual property.


Established spin-off companies:

  • Genuine Technologies Ltd., Bioactive filling of endodontically filled teeth.
  • Flex Hex ApS.   Manufacture of robotic hexapods for the automotive industry.
  • InoVine, Ltd. Magnetic nanoparticles, extraction of yeast biomass from sparkling wines – in the finals of the Start-up Slovenia 2015 competition.
  • RGA, Research Genetics and Agrochemistry, Ltd. It is one of the first companies in the world to develop commercial synthetic wheat lines with an innovative process of crossing and breeding varieties, which also achieve more than 30% higher yields compared to standard wheat varieties.
  • Plasmadis, Ltd. Marketing of devices for improving the efficiency of industrial plasma devices based on the innovative implementation of real-time density measurements of neutral atoms. Plasma devices are widespread in many industries (such as electrical, automotive, textile, medical, electronics) and as such represent great potential for business growth.
  • Nanos Scientificae -development and marketing, Ltd. Preparation and characterization of magnetic nanoparticles for research in biomedicine.
  • Particulars, Ltd. Compact systems for TCT signal measurements in irradiation detectors.
  • Vibteh, Ltd Diagnostic and prognostic platform for automatic monitoring of equipment condition. Marketing of services and technologies for remote monitoring of the operation of rotating machines, prediction of faults according to operating parameters, planning of maintenance interventions and diagnostics of faults or wear.
  • Modro oko, Ltd. Search point – technology for interactive sorting and clustering of results based on web search, classification of results and technology of drawing graphs.
  • Inncert, Innovative Ceramic Technologies, Ltd. The process of applying an adhesive coating to a substrate for the dental industry.
  • Infinite Ltd Advanced technologies for animal safety testing.

Licensing agreements concluded with the industry:

Saving Ltd. 

The company purchased the innovation EKG PCARD for EUR 360,000 System for mobile monitoring of vital physiological parameters and the context of the environment. The system was developed at the Department of Communication Systems of the Jožef Stefan Institute by a group of nine innovators led by prof. dr. Roman Trobec. In addition to single-channel ECG measurements, a single body sensor also allows measurements of respiration, movement, light and temperature, which enables the combination of information on vital signs and data from the environment for more reliable diagnostics. The quality of the measurements is suitable for medical use, which is confirmed by the CE 1304 certificate. The Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer also assisted in the transfer of IJS intellectual property rights and in the marketing of the PCARD system. (Source: Jožef Stefan Institute News Archive)


Young JSI researcher Luka Suhadolnik and the team from the K7 section successfully submitted their idea for the establishment of the startup company PurBox to the Climate-KIC RIS Accelerator program! The company will deal with wastewater treatment in a more efficient and cheaper way than existing methods. The team was selected for support under the Climate-KIC RIS Accelerator program, which includes a mentoring program and up to € 15,000 in financial support for start-up costs related to setting up a business and market penetration. The idea was presented by Luka Suhadolnik at the 9th ITTC conference, and he was also helped in his application by the staff of the Technology Transfer Center, so we are extremely happy with this success and wish the entire team all the best on their future entrepreneurial journey.


CTT participated in the preparation of the project application for the ERC “Proof of concept” project, which prof. dr. Dragan Mihailović, Head of the Department of Complex Matter at the Jožef Stefan Institute, successfully won the tender of the European Research Council (ERC). The project aims to develop the commercial concept of research discoveries. The aim of the project (CTT participated in the preparation of the application) entitled Ultrafast dense wave memory for quantum computing is to investigate the potential use of the newly discovered phenomenon in quantum electronic materials for memory technology that would enable extremely high speeds and low power consumption. The obtained funds will enable the determination of the feasibility of memory devices in the framework of ultra-fast low-temperature quantum computing, the definition of important unresolved technical issues for implementation and the assessment of the time frame for wider commercial use. The project will be implemented at the Jožef Stefan Institute and the Nanocenter Center of Excellence.


We actively and successfully connect science with the economy and education.

The Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer employs fifteen experts from various professional and scientific fields.

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