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Each year, Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at the Jožef Stefan Institute traditionally organizes the International Technology Transfer Conference, with an aim of promoting knowledge exchange between academia and industry, in order to strengthen the cooperation and transfer of innovations from research labs into industrial exploitation. At the conference, accomplished domestic and foreign technology transfer experts hold their lectures.

In the past events, we hosted more than 2500 participants, including investors, inventors, researchers, commercialization experts, start-up funders and industrial development experts.


In the course of the conference, pre-scheduled R2B (Research-to-Business) meetings take place, allowing the representatives of companies and research institutions to discuss possible development solutions, inventions and commercially interesting technologies. Such meetings present an excellent basis for possible future research cooperation and business synergies. Traditionally, more than 50 researchers, business executives and entrepreneurs attend the partnering event.


At the conference, a special prize for innovations from public research organizations is awarded. The emphasis of the competition is on presentation of business propositions in front of the evaluation commission, which is constituted of investors and technology commercialization experts. The commission members evaluate the commercial potential of the presented innovative technologies and award the technologies with the highest commercial potential monetary prizes.

For more information, visit the website of this year’s 11th International Technology Transfer Conference.

11th International Technology Transfer Conference

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