Help with Preparation of Project Proposals | Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation

Since the establishment of Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation in 2011, we have – together with our partners – submitted a number of successful applications to various national and European public calls. In this way, we have gained crucial and vast experience in the field of preparation of project proposals, which gives us the opportunity to help and assist you.

We offer to the interested departments:

  • help with preparation of specific parts of project applications (e.g. management, communication, dissemination, exploitation);
  • help with preparation of legal documents connected with project proposals (e.g. consortium agreements);
  • help with submission of project proposals;
  • help with searching for partners and international promotion of department’s activities through Enterprise Europe Network and Vision 2020 Network on the basis of our membership;
  • we also organize lectures, workshops and seminars on the preparation of project proposals and other linked topics.

We are sending out up-to-date information on open national and EU calls in the form of a monthly overview. In case you are interested in receiving the monthly overview of calls, write us at

Additionally, we are offering a regularly updated database of open national and EU calls on our website, accompanied by a powerful search engine.

Find yourself a suitable call!

Moreover, we have prepared a document which could help the researchers when they are required to supplement different legal contents or prepare legal documents relating to project proposals (accessible only internally from JSI IP/DNS/VN):

IPR: Protection, exploitation, background, foreground, open access

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!