Open Week at the Jožef Stefan Institute | Project and Innovation Support


You can apply for a visit to the Jožef Stefan Institute by sending us your enquiry at Please include the following information:

  • name of the school, group or institution;
  • desired date and time of your visit;
  • how many visitors will arrive;
  • visitors’ age;
  • which programmes you wish to see (you can find the list of programmes here);
  • contact telephone number, available one the day of the visit.

The entire visit can consist of maximum three programmes (i.e. consecutive visit to 9 laboratories). Visit to each laboratory lasts 20 minutes. In parallel, a maximum of three different programmes can be in execution.

Maximum number of visitors under each programme is, due to safety reasons, limited to 15 persons (within a single visit, a maximum of 90 visitors can visit the Institute).

Additional Instructions


  • Visits during the Stefan’s Days Open Week are possible only upon prior announcement at


  • Parking of cars and buses is not possible on the Institute’s premises. Buses that carry schoolchildren may enter the main parking lot to enable safe exit from the bus. Additionally, they may also pick up the children at the main parking lot. The closest large parking lot can be found by the Interspar Center Vič.
  • Parking at the Reactor Center Podgorica is organized by the main entrance.
  • As regards stopping and parking of vehicles on the Institute’s premises, please follow the instructions given by the doormen.


  • We ask for a thorough compliance with the safety instructions given by the IJS staff (especially those given by the laboratory staff).
  • Uncontrolled walking through the Institute’s laboratories is not allowed due to safety reasons. Please stay with the group. We are kindly asking teachers and parents to help us with assuring the compliance with the safety instructions.
  • Visitors are liable for any intentional damage or destruction of laboratory and research equipment.
  • Special safety instructions for the visitors of the TRIGA MARK II Reactor: as required by law, all visitors need to carry a valid personal identification document and enable the reactor’s staff to view it and document the personal data. We ask the schools to fill in the application form for the visit of the TRIGA MARK II Reactor and send it to our address before the visit.


  • Please do not eat during the presentations in the laboratories. Schools and visit organizers can agree on breaks between the presentations.

Without prior written permission, taking photographs on the premises of the Institute is not allowed. Thank you for your understanding!

As a part of the School of experimental chemistry, groups can also prepare ice cream by using liquid nitrogen. We at JSI are always delighted to eat that ice cream, however, we are obliged to notify you that the Institute is not registered for the production of ice cream and does thus not assume any responsibility for the eating thereof. Consequently, you are eating the ice cream produced during the School of experimental chemistry on your own responsibility.

In case of any additional questions please write us at or call us on 01 477 3224. We will be glad to help you!

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!