Help with the Procedures for Acquisition of Intellectual Property at the Jožef Stefan Institute | Project and Innovation Support

We offer the departments of the Institute active help with the procedures related to management of intellectual property carried out at the Institute. The inventor can contact Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation where we will help him fill-in the “Application of invention” form and prepare a draft version of “Patent application”. It is necessary to perform, together with the inventor, the preliminary review of the state-of-the-art of the invention and preliminary market assessment.
The inventor formally discloses the invention to the Institute by submitting the “Application of invention” and a draft version of “Patent application” to the director of the Institute. With this act, a three-month deadline starts for the Institute to decide on acquisition or rejection of the invention.
The next step is an internal assessment of the invention’s contents and assessment of the conditions for acquisition and protection of industrial rights, such as patents, designs, trademarks or technical improvements:

  • Commission for industrial property – way in which the invention was invented; whether it is a direct/indirect employment related invention or independent invention; patentability of the invention;
  • Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation – economic applicability and commercialization opportunities;
  • Institute’s internal patent attorney – patentability of the invention.

Director of the Jožef Stefan Institute receives:

  • technical assessment; does the invention fulfill the conditions for obtaining IP rights; it is a direct/indirect employment related invention; proposal of what kind of IP rights should be protected (patent, design, trademark, technical improvement);
  • preliminary market assessment and opportunities for economic exploitation of the invention and the proposal of the modality for acquisition of invention;
  • draft “Patent application” or proposal for other form of IP rights protection.

On the basis of collected opinions the director issues a Decision on non-/partial/complete acquisition of direct or indirect employment related invention (at latest within 3 months of notification of the creation of the invention).
You can find more information on our services regarding the acquisition of employment related inventions at the Jožef Stefan Institute in the Rules on the procedure for acquisition of employment related inventions (document is available only in Slovenian language and accessible only from IP addresses within the Institute’s network).

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