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At Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation we offer researcher departments of the Jožef Stefan Institute help, advice and completed services from first informal interviews and development of business ideas, planning and establishing companies, providing equipment and premises till support of further development and expansion of business at international markets. At the negotiations about formal obligations between the Jožef Stefan Institute and newly-established company Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation follows the goal to enable the company’s successful market breakthrough and the secondary goal is to gain the Institute´s income through a compensation of knowledge, technology, equipment and premises of Jožef Stefan Institute.

In order to encourage entrepreneurship among the researchers, it is of the essence to raise the awareness on all the aspects that affect the creation of opportunities for market breakthrough of innovations. State of intellectual property, possibilities of its protection, value of the product for the buyer and its comparative advantages, state of the market and finally expected profitability and growth potential are only some of the important elements which have to be taken into account when developing a business idea.

We offer help and completed services with planning, establishing and developing high-tech companies with partner’s network support, international and domestic experts to entrepreneurial teams and researchers of the Jožef Stefan Institute and external customers.

The assistance and services include, among others:

  • weekly office hours for informal talks on entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • market and technology research;
  • development of entrepreneurial ideas and business models;
  • support for intellectual property protection and patent funding;
  • assistance on preparation of business plans, financial calculations, presentation of business ideas and application for various tenders, entrepreneurial – innovation international competitions and presentations to investors;
  • preparation of marketing materials and publication of company’s technological and business offers and promotion on international B2B meetings, international fairs and conferences;
  • gaining interest from international and Slovene partners for development and marketing of technology;
  • help with establishing domestic and international cooperation with partners;
  • assistance on arrangement with agreements between associates of newly-planned company;
  • assistance on regulating the use of intellectual property rights;
  • assistance on preparation of suitable documentation and implementation of procedures at the Institute;
  • arrangements for renting premises and equipment for incubated companies;
  • help with assistance in obtaining public and private financial resources at all stages of the company’s development;
  • organization and implementation of educational workshops and selection of innovations with largest market potential in the scope of the International technology transfer conference, where we, together with renowned professionals for technology transfer and representatives of venture capital, assess the market potential of proposed technologies and encourage researchers to actively search and actualize business ideas.

From July 2018 at the Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer also the SIO 2018 – 2019 project is implemented. Within the SIO project  we organize activities and provide assistance to both domestic spin-out’s and other young companies. Both at the stage prior to the formal establishment of the company and in the time immediately after the establishment of the new company. More information is available on this link.


Spin-off is a company based on Intellectual Property (IP) developed at the university/institute; its development was financed from public funds; the company is, based on IP contribution from and /or other capital investments, in the co-ownership of university or institute.

Spin-out is a company based on Intellectual Property (IP) developed at the university/institute; its development was financed from public funds; university/institute sells a license (based on IP) to the company and the company is 100 % owned by investors who are/are not employees of the university/institute.

Start-up is a company built on the idea which is not related to public funds; company owners are not employed by university/institute (e.g. students).

Companies by the Jožef Stefan Institute

The first company, founded by the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) for the purpose of marketing the technology developed at the JSI, was founded in 1987, according to available data. It is a successful company Inea, today the leading Slovenian company in the field of automation, energy and production informatics. The Jožef Stefan Institute is also the founder of the first technology park in Slovenia, the predecessor of the Ljubljana Technology Park.

According to data in various records, today there are over forty operating companies, created directly on the basis of JSI technology and knowledge. This number does not include companies that have been established or co-founded by the employees or former employees of JSI who do not directly use JSI technology in these companies in any other way. In this case, we are talking about companies operating in the technological field, which is related to the professional field of the researcher in which she or he worked at the time of employment at JSI, the so-called alumni companies of JSI. We estimate that over a hundred companies with knowledge or JSI technologies are linked in the broadest sense, either through the participation of JSI employees or former employees in the creation or operation of these companies. They operate in areas that are related to JSI technology research. Source: Wisdom from the Innovation Support Environment for Innovation System Managers in Public Research Organizations.

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