SUPPORT SERVICES OF SIE JSI | Project and Innovation Support

At the Jožef Stefan Institute innovative environment support services in the Republic of Slovenia from 2018 to 2019 are provided (“SIO 2018-2019” project). The services are co-financed with the assistance of the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

As a subject of an innovative environment, we provide support to the following target audiences:

  • Target groups in Phase 1: innovative potential entrepreneurs (innovative individuals, pupils, students, teaching staff, researchers);
  • Target groups in Phase 2: new and existing companies with the potential of exponential growth “start up”;
  • Target groups in Phase 3: existing fast-growing companies “scale up”;

We provide support to target groups with promotional and motivational events, information and advice, thematic workshops, mentoring, providing assistance through experts and managing the portfolio of target groups. Different content support parts are implemented for two target groups:

In Phase 1, we support the process of the business idea – proof of concept, in which we help target groups, examine the business idea and make a plan for its realization.

In Phase 2, we support the growth and development of start-up companies – we are focusing on supporting companies in eliminating companies’ development and growth barriers.

In Phase 3, we support the growth and development of fast-growing companies with a market-approved business model and with high growth potential.

The Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer at the Jožef Stefan Institute closely participates in various fields of work with the Technology Park Ljubljana, whose founder and co-owner is the Jožef Stefan Institute, in the implementation of activities of support of the growth and development of fast-growing “scale up” companies.

Other beneficiaries of JR SIO 2018-2019:

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