Digital Innovation Hub (DIH JSI) Activities | Project and Innovation Support

Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH), coordinated by the inner Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation (CTT). Based on European integration within the European Commission’s Digital Innovation Network, the hub is participating in applications for European Commission’s projects for digital innovation hubs, in applications for projects where the component of the digital innovation hub is required, and in applications of the Letter of Intent on various initiatives for digital innovation hubs. The European Commission’s Digital Innovation Network operates in accordance with the following guidance.

As the central part of development, digitization and industrial relations at national and international level, the hub is establishing a system of collaboration between the IJS research departments, the domestic and foreign economy, and the partner networks within the Europe Enterprise Europe Network and the network of technology transfer offices in Slovenia KTT (only in Slovene).

 The hub helps researchers and companies to innovate, to transfer scientific results into practice, and digitalization of industry within the framework of the support ofthe Customized Low Energy Computing Competence center (CLEC) at the Department of Communication Systems at the Jožef Stefan Institute, which is establishing a network of competence centers across the EU. The hub provides “one-stop shops” and cross-border technology transfer services in the EU and serves as a contact point for the local ecosystem in Slovenia.

Our key activities include:

As a leader of DIH Jožef Stefan Institute we were selected for the DIHelp project, where we receive training from experts in the  field of business development, access to finance and innovation management, thus gaining knowledge for more comprehensive and quality support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

IJS is a DIH, coordinated by CTT. In the framework of DIH and on the basis of our connection with other DIHs across Europe, we participate in projects proposal preparation that are in thematic relation to the relevant departments of the IJS.

(a) If you notice a good opportunity at your department to apply for a call where a DIH component is required or is an added value, please inform us and we will be happy to support you.

(b) If we are to prepare proposal for certain call for financing projects that IJS DIH is supposed to participate at, and it will be thematically attached to your department, we will inform you and invite you to participate at the application.

(c) Submission of Letters of Intent to various DIH initiatives is carried out by CTT, with the departments being minimally burdened.

In the past, CTT has helped with project application written by departments for themselves. Since IJS has the status of DIH that is coordinated by CTT, the departments notified us on projects needing DIH component and properly mentioned that in the application according to the agreement with CTT. This is also our plan in the future. If you are to apply at your department with project where you need CTT assistance, or the project would need a DIH component, please let us know to arrange for appropriate assistance or appropriate mention of the DIH.

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!