Open Day at the Jožef Stefan Institute | Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation

Have you always wondered what the scientists at the Jožef Stefan Institute are researching?
Do you want to visit a real scientific laboratory?
Are you interested in talking to Jožef Stefan Institute’s scientists?
Are you a pupil or a student and are interested in natural sciences, but you do not know what a career in science really means?

Visit us during the Open Day!
Each year at the end of March, traditional Stefan’s Days take place at the Institute, marking the birthday (24 March) of the great Slovenian scientist, Jožef Stefan. In the scope of Stefan’s Days, Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation – in cooperation with the Institute’s research departments – organizes the Open Day. Visitors can choose from a number of visit programmes and look at the laboratories at Jamova cesta and at the Reactor Center where the tours are enabled and organized by the Nuclear Training Center (ICJT).
This year’s Open Day will be organized on Saturday, 24 March 2018.

Open Day at JSI – Information for Visitors

Open Day begins at 9:00 with the first guided tours, while we take the last groups through the Institute’s laboratories at 13:00; in the meanwhile, guided tours begin at each full hour. Each visit in the course of one programme lasts one hour (60 minutes).
Prior announcement is not necessary, all visits are free of charge.
Parking of cars and buses is not possible on the Institute’s premises. Buses that carry schoolchildren may enter the main parking lot to enable safe exit from the bus.
We ask for a thorough compliance with the safety instructions given by the IJS staff (especially those given by the laboratory staff).
Uncontrolled walking through the Institute’s laboratories is not allowed due to safety reasons. Please stay with the group. We are kindly asking teachers and parents to help us with assuring the compliance with the safety instructions.
Without prior written permission, taking photographs on the premises of the Institute is not allowed. Thank you for your understanding!
Please take a look at the detailed visit instructions:
Individual Visitors 

Open Week at JSI – Information for Visitors

We invite organized groups to visit us – upon prior announcement – also during the Stefan’s Days, between 19 March 2018 and 23 March 2018.
Please take a look at the detailed visit instructions
Groups and Schools

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!