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Have you always wondered what the scientists at the Jožef Stefan Institute are researching?
Do you want to visit a real scientific laboratory?
Are you interested in talking to Jožef Stefan Institute’s scientists?
Are you a pupil or a student and are interested in natural sciences, but you do not know what a career in science really means?

Visit us during the Open Day!

Each year at the end of March, traditional Stefan’s Days take place at the Institute, marking the birthday (24 March) of the great Slovenian scientist, Jožef Stefan. In the scope of Stefan’s Days, Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation – in cooperation with the Institute’s research departments – organizes the Open Day. Visitors can choose from a number of visit programmes and look at the laboratories at Jamova cesta and at the Reactor Center where the tours are enabled and organized by the Nuclear Training Center (ICJT).


Open Day at JSI – Information for Visitors

Open Day begins at 9:00 with the first guided tours, while we take the last groups through the Institute’s laboratories at 13:00; in the meanwhile, guided tours begin at each full hour. Each visit in the course of one programme lasts one hour (60 minutes).

Prior announcement is not necessary, all visits are free of charge.

Parking of cars and buses is not possible on the Institute’s premises. Buses that carry schoolchildren may enter the main parking lot to enable safe exit from the bus.

We ask for a thorough compliance with the safety instructions given by the IJS staff (especially those given by the laboratory staff).

Uncontrolled walking through the Institute’s laboratories is not allowed due to safety reasons. Please stay with the group. We are kindly asking teachers and parents to help us with assuring the compliance with the safety instructions.
Without prior written permission, taking photographs on the premises of the Institute is not allowed. Thank you for your understanding!

Please take a look at the detailed visit instructions:

Individual Visitors

Open Week at JSI – Information for Visitors

We invite organized groups to visit us – upon prior announcement – also during the Stefan’s Days.

Please take a look at the detailed visit instructions:

Groups and Schools


Below are some of the impressions of visitors who visited the Open Doors Day:

Milica, Miha, Ana and Julija

We came to the Open Doors Day at the Jožef Stefan Institute because of our children, so we could all take a closer look at the activities taking place at the Institute. This was our second year in a row. First we visited the school of experimental chemistry, then also the robotics and biochemistry presentations. Our wish is to look at something else each year and in this way we attract the interest of our kids in planning their career path in the long run. See you again next year.

Matevž and Nataša

We saw the chemistry, nano particles, artificial intelligence, and control systems presentations. It was very nice and cute. Perhaps I would only mention that there was too little time left, because all these presentations raise more questions than answers, so it would be great to have an additional 10 minutes for questions from visitors. On the other hand, the visit was a very positive and nice experience, and we are sorry that we didn’t visit the Jožef Stefan Institute until now, the 26th Open Doors Day at the Jožef Stefan Institute.


I heard about the Open Doors Day at the Jožef Stefan Institute from a colleague who was looking for the information on the web, what to visit with children. And then I decided to come along. The most interesting thing was seeing plasma and microscopes (linear microscope) because my profession is connected to the photographic field so optics is very close to me. I liked that the presentations were prepared in a very simple way, so they were also understandable, but at the same time they were professional enough that with the visit we also learned something new. I like that with Open Doors Day you are covering all age groups and everyone can find something for themselves. In my youth, when I was very interested in microscopes, unfortunately nobody was able to direct me or tell me about possibilities of laboratory visits. And if I had then already had the opportunity to visit, I would be aware of all my options and maybe I would have chosen a different educational or career path. At the presentations I was thrilled about all the different things one can research in Slovenia and foremost that opportunities exist also in Slovenia. Perhaps it is unfortunate that there is not enough time for visits of all departments and I would suggest that you organize this several times a year.

Mateja with family and friends

The visit was great because we managed to see most of the prepared programs. We participated mostly because of the children who are dealing with the problem of professional orientation, and I think that with the presentations you have opened them new opportunities for appropriate decisions. We came across the news about the Open Doors Day on Facebook. Everything was organized great, not just visits and department presentations, but also from the organizational point of view, that you kindly welcomed us, latecomers and you accompanied us to the desired department and had an arranged parking lot for visitors, etc. The only problem we had was that because of the longer programme we missed the bus to the Reactor. Maybe it would be appropriate to have two 25 minute programmes instead of three 20 minute ones.

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!