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The most frequent forms of cooperation between Jožef Stefan Institute and companies are measurements, advising, training, project preparation and/or submission, staff exchange, joint publications, equipment lending and similar. Read more about the characteristics of possible collaboration modes:

Solving problems encountered by industrial partners.
Contract research is a research of a smaller value, short duration, for which the interest is coming from industry, the problems addressed by researchers typically require specific skills and equipment.
Results: are very important for industrial partner but are typically not independently publishable or patentable but if they are Intellectual Property belongs to the industrial partner, often they are seen as a trade secret.
Contents: measurement, assessment
Facilitating funding and conditions for convergence of technologies to market requirements. Search for partners and funders for the further development of technology.
It is typical for studies in collaboration with industry that the use of outcome of research projects is unclear but at the same time there is a strong interest in the industry. Contracts are of greater value and duration of the research is time-demanding.
Results: are usually publishable / newly created Intellectual Property is suitable for protection. Typically, ownership of intellectual property is divided, as in solving the problems both academic researchers and industry are involved.
Contents: semi-finished prototypes
Marketing of intellectual property to business partners under license agreements.
Results: revenue from the sale of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) created by Public RTD Organization to interested industrial partners. Inventors gain material interest.
Contents: sale of a license

The offer of technologies that have already been developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute and are available for research collaboration and licensing are listed on our website:
Technology offers
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