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We are maintaining an always up-to-date database of national and EU public calls. To find a suitable call you can apply to and run for public funds, scroll through the list that is structured by the thematic areas or use the powerful search engine that harvests the information from our database.

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Current calls by the thematic area:

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Help with preparation of project proposals

At CTT, we have vast experience in the field of preparation of project proposals, which enables us to advise the Institute’s researchers. We have prepared a document which could help the researchers when they are required to supplement different legal contents or prepare legal documents relating to project proposals.

IPR: Protection, exploitation, background, foreground, open access

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You can find more information about the help we can offer you in the field of project applications on this page.

In case of any questions write us at tehnologije@ijs.si. We will be glad to help you!