Team | Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation


Špela Stres, PhD, LL.M., MBA, Head of Unit, Patent Attorney   

Certified Licensing Professional – CLP
Registered Technology Transfer Professional – RTTP
Head of Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation

Marjeta Trobec, MSc


Spinout and Promotion Specialist

France Podobnik


Industry Liaison 

Group Head

Levin Pal, PhD


IPR Protection, Marketing, Licensing and Sales

Group Head

Robert Blatnik, MSc, CLP


Senior Technology Manager


Matej Mrak


Technology Manager

Tomaž Lutman


Technology Manager

Tomaž Justin, MBA


Industry Liaison Manager

Duško Odić, PhD


Group Head

Project Coordination and Administration

Urška Mrgole


Coordinator for Promotion and Event Management

Coordinator for the KTT Project

Robert Premk


Technology Marketing Specialist

Miha Pitako


Administration and Event Manager

Gregor Jus


Industry Liaison Assistant




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