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We are aware that good partners are extremely important and sometimes even decisive for the realization of your goals. We are also aware that such partners can be hard to find. How to evaluate, select and analyze all information on potential partners? How to decide who is the most competent for the development of your idea? Who needs your ideas, competences and technologies?
Let us help you. You can approach the above-mentioned questions in two ways:

Current offer of open partnerships for EU projects

Get informed with the help of our e-newsletter containing professionally reviewed current offer of open partnerships for EU projects, which we send out weekly to the TT coordinator at your department. The TT coordinator is your co-worker appointed by the head of your department to disseminate such information amongst the department staff.
Archive of CTT news

Coordination of departments in applying to the offer
All offers are professionally reviewed. Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation is a member of various platforms and networks that, on one side, enable establishing a contact with a number of different partners, while, on the other hand, use effective smart keys and tools for ranking when searching for suitable project partners, thus creating a selection in line with your interests and search criteria. When you come across an offer that might interest you in our e-newsletter, write to us and we will help you establish a contact. Establishing contacts within networks we are members of always occurs through the network’s representative (we are one of them). Organizations behind profiles are not shown on purpose, since we wish for all technologies to be treated equally, regardless of the organization’s status.

Active search for partners

If you wish to search for partners more actively, we can help you as well. We suggest you arrange a meeting with us by writing to us on and telling us your needs and wishes, while we will conduct a professional evaluation of existing offers in line with the specifics of your case and design a strategy especially for you. Our motto is “No wrong door” (Enterprise Europe Network), which is why you are always welcome to us.

In case of any questions write us at We will be glad to help you!