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What is the PATLIB Center?

The name “PATLIB” is a coinage of the words “PATent” and “LIBrary” (library), which does not mean that all PATLIB Centers are actually libraries. The PATLIB Technology and Innovation Transfer Center (Patlib ID: SI_3 / PATLIB CTT) is part of a network of more than 300 patent information centers regionally dispersed across the member states of the European Patent Office (EPO).

PATLIB Centers provide local access for the public to patent information and related issues. Good knowledge of the local industrial, economic and business environment allows the Center for Technology and Innovation Transfer to offer the highest quality professional services and assistance in the field of patent protection and intellectual property to researchers, entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, private inventors and students.

Areas of intellectual property covered by PATLIB CTT where we can help you with:

– Copyright,
– Models (graphics, appearance…),
– Patents,
– Semiconductors,
– Supplementary protection certificates (SPC)
– Trademarks
– Utility models

How can we help you?

The employees of the PATLIB CTT Center are experienced patent search experts who, in addition to the appropriate search of patent databases, also offer other services and information related to patents, patent protection and the innovation market.

Public reading room

The reading room provides the public with access to and an independent search for Slovenian, European and international documentation related to intellectual property. PATLIB CTT staff can advise you on finding and obtaining relevant intellectual property documents that you can access using a free workstation, alongside offering you access to materials that you can browse on location. A list of literature on IP accessible at the PATLIB CTT can be found here.

Search searices

The PATLIB Center conducts searches in various intellectual property databases for the public. This services can range from relatively basic bibliographic searches e.g. patent number, name of the applicant or inventor, or the legal status of the application, to highly sophisticated searches in technical fields such as a state of the art inquiry as well as a search for novelties or infringements that can be made to order. CTT can provide explanatory information, comments, and interpretations of search results to be attached to search reports. You can also use the search report to get explanations, information, and comments on search results found.

Provision of intellectual property documentation

PATLIB CTT provides electronic copies of intellectual property documents on request and for internal use, such as extracts from related patents found in databases.

Helpdesk services

PATLIB CTT provides information on intellectual property proceedings, various types of intellectual property rights, requirements for filing and registering intellectual property, fees, search options, etc. The Helpdesk does not provide legal advice or the design of patent applications, trademarks, designs, but may direct you to the appropriate patent attorney.

IP monitoring services

The PATLIB CTT provides weekly, monthly or quarterly periodic information on newly published intellectual property rights or changes in their legal status. For patents and utility models, control may be based on IPC (International Patent Classification) profiles and / or the names of competitors.

Statistical analyses of patent data

With this service, PATLIB CTT provides you with information on technical trends and activities of competitors based on statistical processing of patent data.

User training

PATLIB CTT organizes training in the form of seminars and workshops on intellectual property rights, databases, search techniques and other issues related to intellectual property.

Lecturer services

Experts from PATLIB CTT lecture as part of educational events or as part of curricula related to intellectual property.

Assessment of the economic potential of an invention

The PATLIB CTT uses appropriate software tools to help assess the economic potential of the inventions, identify potential risks and analyze market conditions.

Commercialisation of IP rights

PATLIB CTT can help you commercialize intellectual property rights. Related activities may involve establishing contacts with potential licensees and cooperation partners, and the preparation of inventions for protection procedures (patent, trademark, design) is limited to selected cases only.

Patent clinics

The PATLIB CTT Patent Clinic works in cooperation with local professional representatives, the so-called patent attorneys. The role of the PATLIB CTT is to direct clients to the appropriate patent attorneys. Even though PATLIB CTT also has patent attorneys, their services are reserved for internal use, and we limit ourselves to providing the necessary information – e.g. pre-preparation of drafts of relevant documents and preparatory searches. Final and formal legal advice is given only by an external patent attorney or. lawyer.

IP strategy development

PATLIB CTT helps its clients to develop and implement their intellectual property strategies, e.g. what to protect, where and how, with whom to work, etc.



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