Marketing of Intellectual Property | Project and Innovation Support

One of our main goals is increasing the flow of knowledge and technology into domestic and foreign economy and promotion of the Institute as a center of excellence for technological advancement.
To this end, we offer the researchers of the Institute the following services:

  • market assessment related to the technology in question;
  • preparation of marketing strategy for the concrete intellectual property;
  • preparation of technology offers and requests;
  • active marketing and search for business partners by presenting the technologies at scientific and professional conferences, industrial fairs, in printed and other media;
  • marketing by entering the technology offer into the Enterprise Europe Network database;
  • preparation of licensing agreements and other documents related to marketing of IP;
  • licensing;
  • establishing spin-out companies.

Institute’s technologies available for licensing and/or research cooperation with industry and other research institutes can be reviewed here.
Read also how we can help you with intellectual property protection and the execution of IP acquisition procedures at IJS.

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