IJS Oprema

ID: 9690

Name: A thermoelectrically cooled back illuminated CCD x-ray camera system (ANDOR DX-438 BV)

Type: detectors

Owner: Institut "Jožef Stefan"

Dept.: F2

Year of acq.: 2001

KET field: Photonics

Price for usage (EUR/h): 37.95

Responsible person: Primož Pelicon

Responsible person email: Primoz.Pelicon@ijs.si

Possibilities to rent: Research is performed by researcher of JSI.

Purchase value (EUR): 65391.41

Description/Usage: TE cooled CCD x-ray camera is integrated within the Bragg type high-resolution x-ray spectrometer to detect diffracted photons within 1-10 keV range.

JSI Inventory number:

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