IJS Oprema

ID: 9826

Name: Ink-jet printer for patterning of nanostructured materials

Type: physical and chemical analysis

Owner: Center odličnosti Vesolje, znanost in tehnologije

Dept.: K5

Year of acq.: 2011

KET field: Nanotechnology
Advanced materials
Micro- and Nano-electronics

Price for usage (EUR/h): 8.9318023529412

Responsible person: Barbara Malič

Responsible person email: Barbara.Malic@ijs.si

Possibilities to rent: Research is performed by researcher of JSI.

Purchase value (EUR): 75920.32

Description/Usage: Ink-jet printer allows direct patterning of 2D (nano) structures from polymeric sols or colloidal dispersions (inks) without the critical step of material removal as typical for lithographic techniques. The precision of deposition depends on the drop size which is controlled both by the properties of the fluid as well as by the prinitng parameters. The thickness of a deposit typically ranges from a few nm to a few 10 nm.

JSI Inventory number:

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