IJS Oprema

ID: 9720

Name: Instrument for functionalization of surfaces of modern materials

Type: equipment for surface engineering

Owner: Institut "Jožef Stefan"

Dept.: F4

Year of acq.: 2007

KET field: Nanotechnology
Advanced materials

Price for usage (EUR/h): 47.35

Responsible person: Janez Kovač

Responsible person email: Janez.Kovac@ijs.si

Possibilities to rent: Research is performed by researcher of JSI.

Purchase value (EUR): 145260

Description/Usage: Instrument can be used for preparation of thin, multicomponent inorganic and organic films as well as for functionalization of solid surfaces. It is possible to perform heat treatment, ion bombardment and plasma functionalization of surfaces. Instrument is directly connected with XPS spectrometer for characterization of treated surfaces and deposited films without exposure to air atmosphere.

JSI Inventory number:

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