Connection Network for Correctly Distributed Modules

Publication Number: SI20936A
Application Date: 29. 5. 2001
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Roman Trobec
Title: Povezovalna mreža za pravilno porazdeljene module [SL], Connection Network for Correctly Distributed Modules [EN]
Description: The invention describes the extension of existing regular networks, so that they correctly link any number of adjacent d elements. Such networks are called d-networks, they feature a regular structure and an isomorphic 1-environment as well as any d grade. They are built by using several planes, including only parallel links in a two-dimensional and 3-D space and if required also toroid links. From the d-networks optimised d-networks can be selected, which best suit the given optimisation criteria. The connecting network according to the invention, which enables the transmis- sion and exchange of digital and analogue data between correctly located process modules in a two-dimensional and 3-D space is characterised by the fact that it is made up of any number of links between adjacent elements and that these links between adjacent elements have the property of not crossing each other on any individual connecting panel.
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms
Market application codes: Communications, Computer related, Other electronics related
Patent offices: UIL RS