Device and Procedure of Flow Detection in Metal Capillary Tubes

Publication Number: SI22174A
Application Date: 16. 12. 2005
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Drago Brodnik, Matej Lipoglavšek, Zdravko Rupnik
Title: Naprava in postopek detekcije pretoka v kovinskih kapilarah [SI], Device and Procedure of Flow Detection in Metal Capillary Tubes [EN]
Description: Subject of the invention are a device and procedure of flow detection of preferably cooling liquid in metal capillary tubes of a refrigerator. The device according to the invention consists of measurement pliers (10) with an upper jaw (11) and a lower jaw (12). The upper jaw (11) carries sensors (4, 5) and the first electrode (18) of the heat supply element (3), while the lower jaw (12) supports the other electrode (19) of the heat supply element (3). The enclosures (22) and (23) feature on its lower side a longitudinal groove so that a capillary tube (1) fits into it, and so that the sensors (4, 5) are fitted on top of it along with the electrode (18). The electrode (19) is made from the kanthal AF resistive alloy and has a pointed shape. The surface by which the electrode (19) fits the capillary tube (1) is smaller from the surface of the fit of the copper electrode (18). When through the closed circuit consisting of the electrode (18) – metal capillary tube (1) – electrode (19) from the transformer, controlled by unit (9) an alternating current of 20 to 50 A is sent, this mainly heats the electrode (19) with a higher resistivity and thus the capillary tube (1) wall. The sensors (4, 5) measure the temperature and feed the data to the control unit (9).
Category: Physical Sciences
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