Improved Magnetocaloric Material and Procedure of Its Manufacture

Publication Number: SI23405A
Application Date: 17. 6. 2010
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Spomenka Kobe, Paul John McGuiness, Benjamin Podmiljšak
Title: Izboljšan magnetokalorični material in postopek njegove izdelave [SL], Improved Magnetocaloric Material and Procedure of Its Manufacture [EN]
Description: The present invention relates to a magnetocaloric material based on GdSi2Ge2 and a procedure of its manufacture assuring the increase in cooling capacity and control of maximum magnetocaloric effect tempera- ture in the magnetocaloric material based on GdSi2Ge2 by addition of iron which replaces elements in the base alloy in various quantities. Such a material would be applicable as a working material in a magnetic cooler. According to the invention, the material based on GdSi2Ge2 is characteristic in that silicon and germanium are simultaneously replaced with iron according to the equation Gd5Si(2-x/2)Ge(2-x/2)Fex, where x is between 0.06 and 0.25. The magnetocaloric material is prepared by means of an arc smelter from suitable mixtures of elements in a water cooled copper container under argon atmosphere, where after each arc melting the material is turned around and molten again and the procedure is repeat- ed four times, then it is thermally treated so that it is closed in a quartz tube under vacuum and heated to 1300 degrees Celsius in a tube oven for 4 hours and finally cooled down with cold water at once.
Category: Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology application codes: Industrial manufacturing, material and transport
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