Method of Treating Garlic Cloves

Publication Number: SI25440A
Application Date: 12. 6. 2017
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Jernej Iskra, Ita Junkar, Miran Mozetič, Gregor Primc, Primož Titan
Title: Metoda za obdelavo strokov česna [SL], Method of Treating Garlic Cloves [EN]
Description: The subject of the patent application is a method for treating garlic pods with highly reactive gaseous species, such as those formed in gas plas- ma. The subject of the patent application is also a device that can be used for this type of processing. The described treatment serves as a method of improving the properties of plants grown from such treated pods for use in agriculture. Examples include improved germination, accelerated growth, increased yield or enhanced plant vitality.
Category: Biological Sciences
Technology application codes: Biological sciences, Physical and exact sciences, Agrofood industry
Market application codes: Genetic engineering / molecular biology, Other
Patent offices: UIL RS