Part of Electronic circuit for Controlling LCD Fibre Optics Elements

Publication Number: SI20447A1
Application Date: 6. 10. 1999
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Bojan Marin, Janez Pirš, Silvija Pirš, Dušan Ponikvar
Title: Del elektronskega vezja za krmiljenje LCD elektrooptičnih elementov [SL], Part of Electronic Circuit for Controlling LCD Fibre Optics Elements [EN]
Description: The invention deals with a part of an electronic circuit for controlling LCD fibre optics switching elements by way of alternating, rectangular power signals, with an amplitude changing between several power levels depending on the current status, so that an optimum dynamics of the fibre-optics response can be provided. The integration of power control signals for the LCD fibre optics switching device is made in such a way that the charge, which corresponds to the power control voltage for the LCD optic coupler is occasionally, but still often enough, transmitted to the integration condenser (110) with the help of a transmission condenser (101) and analogue switchers (102) and (103). The complete transmission of the charge from the transmission condenser (101) into to the integration condenser (110) is provided by two transistors (115, 116) of different polarity, where the emitter and both base junctions are connected together. The comparison of the electric power signal integral for LCD fibre optics switching elements with the reference value of Vc as well as the discharge of the integration condenser (110) is performed by two transistors (117, 118) of different polarity, where the base junction of one transistor is connected to the collector junction of the other one. The free emitter junctions are connected in parallel to the integration condenser (110), and the output signal is provided by an additional NPN transistor (119).
Category: Physical Sciences
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms, Physical and exact sciences
Market application codes: Other electronics related, Industrial products
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