Procedure and Device for Determination of Specific Surface of Granulates

Publication Number: SI20827A
Application Date: 14. 2. 2001
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Robert Blinc, Magda Gabrijelčič, Gojmir Lahajnar, Bojan Marin, Tanja Mlakar Ljubič, Janez Pirš, Marko Valič, Mika Vilfan, Boštjan Zalar
Title: Postopek in naprava za določanje specifične površine granulatov [SL], Procedure and Device for Determination of Specific Surface of Granulates [EN]
Description: The proposed invention is solving the technical problem of accurate and fast measurement of specific – active – surface of powdery substances. The procedure of determination of specific surface is based upon the controlled wetting of the investigated substance with a proper measuring liquid, i.e. a wetting agent, and upon the measurement of NMR spin-lattice relaxation (1/T1, e) of the wetting agent. The procedure assures a fast preparation of homogeneously wetted specimens having an enough small and controlled content of wetting agent to enable the measuring parameter (1/T1, e) according to the method of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to be linearly related to the specific surface of the substance investigated. The measuring procedure is applicable specially to monitoring, surveillance and optimization of milling parameters in the production of cement. It can be modified without difficulties to become useful for the computer-operated instantaneous control and optimization of the grinding process in the production of cement where the NMR determination of specific surface is serving as a „sensor“ in a closed control loop.
Category: Physical Sciences
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms, Measurements and standards
Market application codes: Industrial products, Other
Patent offices: UIL RS