Process for Production of Alumina Porcelain with Improved Mechanical Properties

Publication Number: SI23546A
Application Date: 25. 11. 2010
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI], ETI Elektroelement d. d. [SI]
Inventor: Janez Holc, Marija Kosec, Danjela Kuščer Hrovatin, Ivan Lavrač, Helena Razpotnik
Title: Postopek za izdelavo gliničnega porcelana z izboljšanimi mehanskimi lastnostmi [SL], Process for Production of Alumina Porcelain with Improved Mechanical Properties [EN]
Description: The subject invention is alumina porcelain used in the electrotechnics and process of its construction. Alumina porcelain after the invention belongs to the group of alkali alumosillicate porcelain with high mechanical strength. Alumina porcelain after the invention is prepared from the followingraw material: 25 to 38 weight percent of calcite alumina, 20 to 33 percent by weight of kaolin, 26 to 37 weight percent clay, 19 to26 weight percent potassium feldspar, 5 to 35 weight percentground porcelain shards and 0.01 to 1 weight percentsurfactants. The mixture can be served together from 1-24 hoursor by a mixture of clay and feldspar served 1-12 hours, addalumina, ground potsherd porcelain, kaolin and surfaceactive substances and further served 1-12 hours. Formed material is burning in the temperature range from 1280 to 1320 degrees C from 1 to 4hours. Alumina porcelain with the stated composition and prepared underprocedure described above has a flexural strength of 130 MPa and homogeneousmicrostructure. Porcelain potsherd that remains after processing isground into a powder of average particle size of 5 to 50 micrometersand is used in the manufacture of the raw material mixture.
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Category: Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology application codes: Industrial manufacturing, Material and transport
Market application codes: Industrial products
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