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Ferroelectric Thick-layer Structures on Reactive Ceramic

Publication Number: SI21585A
Application Date: 15. 7. 2003
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Silvo Drnovšek, Janez Holc, Marko Hrovat, Marija Kosec
Title: Feroelektrične debeloplastne strukture na reaktivni keramiki [SL], Ferroelectric Thick-layer Structures on Reactive Ceramic [EN]
Description: The subjects of invention are ferroelectric thick-layer structures on a reactive ceramic substrate, excelling in good ferroelectric properties and simple execution. The invention takes advantage of a good bond strength of aluminium oxide to the reactive ceramic substrate and aluminium oxide to noble metals. According to the invention, the task is solved by an interlayer of unreactive aluminium oxide between the ceramic substrate and the electrode made of noble metals. The layer of aluminium oxide may contain an additive admixed to enable firing of the protective aluminium oxide layer at lower temperatures.
Category: Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology application codes: Energy
Market application codes: Energy
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