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Humanoid Torso Mechanism

Publication Number: SI24099A
Application Date: 20. 6. 2012
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Igor Kovač, Borut Lenart, Bojan Nemec, Marko Scortegagna , Leon Žlajpah
Title: Človeku podoben mehanizem torza [SL], Humanoid Torso Mechanism [EN]
Description: The subject of the invention is a humanoid torso mechanism that simulates the actual movement of the human body. The torso includes a unique combination of mechanism and controlled rotary axes with actuators (4-8) arranged in a geometry that enables human-like movements. The construction provides mounting surfaces for other humanoid parts such as legs (3), arms (2) or head (1). The structure of the present invention comprises five degrees of freedom. All degrees of freedom are achieved with rotary axes and are concentrated in the lower part of the torso except the last one on the top. The lower torso portion of the assembly includes a torso basic rotation around the vertical axis, which is attached to a base such that the output shaft extends vertically upwards. The next axis is attached to the first axis arrangement structure for the torso tilting function. The next two axes are arranged for tilting the torso forward-and-back in the hip and for the buckling of the mechanical spine structure. That combination of buckling and bending mechanical struc- tures is carried out in a unique way that allows the simulation of buckling and bending the spine in a way very similar to the human body. This is a very realistic and effectively enforced movement that is very similar to human body movement. The last axis mounted on the top of the torso rotates the shoulder girdle around the vertical axes. Movement of each axis is driven by actuators which are attached in each joint of the torso structure and independently controlled by a computer.
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
Technology application codes: Physical and exact sciences
Market application codes: Medical / health related, Consumer related
Patent offices: UIL RS


Extended patent application

Publication Number: EP2676776A1
Application Date: 19. 6. 2013
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Igor Kovač, Borut Lenart, Bojan Nemec, Marko Scortegagna, Leon Žlajpah
Title: Humanoid Torso Mechanism