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Method for Quantum Distribution of the Short-Range Key

Publication Number: SI23596A
Application Date: 28. 12. 2010
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Roman Novak, Matjaž Vencelj
Title: Metoda za kvantno distribucijo ključa kratkega dosega [SL], Method for Quantum Distribution of the Short-Range Key [EN]
Description: The present invention relates to a method for quantum distribution of the short-range key is based on entangled quantum states of photons gamma. Exploiting Compton interaction of photons with matter to establish a quantum channel between legitimate entities. Correlation of the detected azimuthal angles after the scattered entangled photons forms a conceptual noise channel with known border noise. Key distribution protocol for the exchange messages over a public communication channel to reconcile key bits in high noise environment using the selected scheme correction of errors. The invention also includes two design solutions of device for the realization of the method, including parameters to maximize the bit rate at a constant harmonious key sources for activities such as binary encoder.
Category: Physical Sciences
Technology application codes: Physical and exact sciences
Market application codes: Other
Patent offices: UIL RS