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Procedure and Device for Word Context Window Deployment

Publication Number: SI24263A
Application Date: 6. 12. 2012
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Roman Trobec
Title: Postopek in naprava za izvedbo besedilnega kontekstnega okna [SL], Procedure and Device for Word Context Window Deployment [EN]
Description: An object of the invention is a process and a device for automatically displaying already introduced context contexts for the word execution and displaying a text context window that allows the user to improve the ef-ficiency of writing texts. Contextual window shows the context words, that is to say the word occurrence, surrounded by a selected number of adjacent words. While typing or viewing a text, we open a text context window and in it automatically and in real time we display the context of just typed or tagged words. A new word, which is defined by a space and selected; the number of letters is displayed with its context in the text context window as it was entered or also in its grammar formats. Short words can be excluded from the contextual processing by selecting a smaller number of letters in the word. A process that can be embedded into text input and processing systems allows the user to continuously view all the existing contexts of the words just entered, which increases the efficiency and quality of the text.
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms, Industrial manufacturing, material and transport, Other industrial technologies
Market application codes: Communications, Computer related, Other electronics related
Patent offices: UIL RS