13. oktobra, 2022

15. ITTC Awards Ceremony at the Jožef Stefan Institute

On 14 October 2022 at 12:00 (CEST) the Awards Ceremony will take place at the Jožef Stefan Institute in the Main Lecture room in Ljubljana as a part of this year’s multiconference Information Society IS2022. Among them will be prize winners of the 15th International Technology Transfer Conference who were announced on 12 October 2022.

The best innovations with commercial potential from the public research organisations are this year from Slovenia and Poland. Maja Grdadolnik, Blaž Zdovc, David Pahovnik and Ema Žagar from the National Institute of Chemistry will be awarded for the technology  From polyurethane waste to high value added raw materials, while Paweł Kołakowski and Grzegorz Rutkowski from the Gdynia Maritime University (Poland) will receive the award for the technology Innovative equipment of intervention/service watercraft: Mobile Electromagnetic Mooring System and Batychron. The total prize fund of 2500 euros will be split between both research teams – 2000 euros for Slovenian researchers and 500 euros for the resarchers from Poland.

The winners of the the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) are:

  • Prof. dr. Miran Mozetič, researcher at the Jožef Stefan Institute and co-founder of spin-out company Plasmadis d. o. o., will receive WIPO Medal for Inventors for remarkable intertwinning of research activity with practical applications in the industry.
  • Company Elan d. o. o.  for their activities on the field of innovativeness in the past 10 years, active cooperation with research organizations and for launching several new products with protected IP to the market. They will receive WIPO IP Enteprise Trophy.

The Awards Ceremony will be also livestreamed.