Caspase-1 imaging probes

Publication Number: EP2848696A1
Application Date: 13. 09. 2013
Assignee/Applicant: Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH [DE], Europäisches Laboratorium für Molekularbiologie [DE], Jozef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Gopal Datta, Carsten Schultz, Oliver Plettenburg, Michael Kurz, Michael Podeschwa, Guenter Billen, Herbert Kogler, Boris Turk, Matej Vizovišek
Title: Caspase-1 imaging probes
Description: The present invention relates to molecular probes of the formula (I) as defined herein that allow for the observation of the catalytic activity capase-1 in in vitro assays, in cells or in multicellular organisms, and the use thereof in medicine.
Category: Biological sciences
Technology application codes: Biological sciences
Market application codes: Genetic engineering/ Molecular biology, Medical/ health related
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