Hard Protective Coatings with the Possibility of Changing their Colour

Publication Number: SI23538A
Application Date: 22. 11. 2010
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Miha Čekada, Jožko Fišer, Damjan Matelič, Andrej Mohar, Matjaž Panjan, Peter Panjan, Tomaž Sirnik
Title: Trde zaščitne prevleke z možnostjo spreminjanja njihove barve [SL], Hard Protective Coating with the Possibility of Changing Their Colour [EN]
Description: The subject of the invention is hard protective coatings with the possibility to change their color. A hard coating with a thickness of a few micrometers is deposited on the working surface of the base material which is usually tool steel or cemented carbide. The coatings based on this invention are composed of the following layers: the bottom protective layer of a hard coating which protects the substrate against wear and corrosion; the intermediate reflective layer which reflects light in the visible part of the spectrum and protects the substrate against wear and corrosion; and the semitransparent top layer which protects the substrate against wear and corrosion and in combination with the reflection layer determines the coating color. The top layer is made of a material which partially transmits visible light and is composed of nitrides, carbides, carbonitrides or borides.
Category: Physical Sciences
Technology application codes: Industrial manufacturing, material and transport, Physical and exact sciences
Market application codes: Industrial products
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