Intelligent Security System and Method for Detection of Unusual Behaviour

Publication Number: SI23855A
Application Date: 5. 8. 2011
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI], Špica International d. o. o. [SI]
Inventor: Erik Dovgan, Matjaž Gams, Rok Piltaver, Gašper Pintarič, Andrej Planina, Bogdan Pogorelc
Title: Inteligentni varnostni sistem in postopek za odkrivanje neobičajnega obnašanja [SL], Intelligent Security System and Method for Detection of Unusual Behaviour [EN]
Description: The subject of the invention is an intelligent security system and a method for detecting abnormal behavior in rooms requiring high security, based on a real-time location system, a set of additional sensors, context processing and intelligent software that automatically learns patterns of behavior of observed entities are people and important equipment, and according to the learned models recognizes unusual behavior, which informs the user of the system through various terminals. The system consists of a communication infrastructure, a processor server and a database. In the first phase, the process performs pre-processing of sensory data and semantic enrichment of them by contextual processing. In the second phase, the pre-processed data is taken over by an expert system, which constantly checks whether any of the set security rules have been violated, and several independent intelligent modules, which detect unusual behavior using artificial intelligence methods. In the last phase of the process, a meta-classification is performed, which determines which events need to be notified to the user and what priority each notification has.
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms
Market application codes: Medical / health related
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