Low Sinterable Ferroelectric Ceramics Based on Li2O Doped (Ba, Sr) TiO3

Publication Number: SI21615A
Application Date: 9. 9. 2003
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Danilo Suvorov, Matjaž Valant
Title: Nizkosinterabilna feroelektrična keramika na osnovi (Ba, Sr) TiO3 dopiranega z Li2O [SL], Low Sinterable Ferroelectric Ceramics Based on Li2O Doped (Ba, Sr) TiO3 [EN]
Description: The subject of invention is a ferroelectric ceramics based on (Ba, Sr) TiO3, whose sintering temperature is lowered to less than 920 degrees Celsius with addition of Li2O, which allows it to be sintered simultaneously with metallic silver. The low sinterable ferroelectric ceramics according to the invention is manufactured according to standard production procedures for ceramic elements, i.e. by casting or piling up thick layers or creation of thin layer films. The ceramics is characterised in that to a solid solution of (Ba1-xSrx)TiO3, where x is greater than 0 and less than 1, up to 20 w. % Li2O are added in the form of oxide or in any other form, which decomposes during thermal treatment, enabling the reaction of Li+ ions with BST.
Category: Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology application codes: Industrial manufacturing, material and transport
Market application codes: Industrial products, Other
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