Method for Intelligent Control of Operation of Cooling Unit

Publication Number: SI24163A
Application Date: 31. 7. 2012
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI], LOTRIČ laboratorij za meroslovje d. o. o. [SI]
Inventor: Damjan Kužnar, Matjaž Gams, Domen Marinčič, Marko Lotrič, Klemen Čufar
Title: Postopek za inteligentni nadzor delovanja hladilne naprave [SL], Method for Intelligent Control of Operation of Cooling Unit [EN]
Description: The subject of the invention is a process for the intelligent control of the operation of the refrigeration system, that is to detect unusual operation and predict the failure of the cooling appliance by means of machine learning, which continuously analyzes the data flows of the environmental parameters and improves predictive accuracy through the user’s feedback. The process is characterized in that the process unit (3) implements a process for learning (12) the normal operation of the device, the result of which is the classifier (13), the event detection process (9) based on the wave transformation (8) and the procedure for the classification of detected events (15) and, in the case of a detected significant event (16), a notification of the event and an input of feedback (19) is displayed via the user interface (6).
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
Technology application codes: Electronics, IT and telecoms, Physical and exact sciences, Measurements and standards
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