Multilayer Ceramic Structure for Contactless Dielectrical Fluids Heating

Publication Number: SI24008A
Application Date: 17. 2. 2012
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI], HIPOT – RR, research and development of technologies and systems d. o. o. [SI], Center of excellence NAMASTE [SI]
Inventor: Kostja Makarovič, Janez Holc, Darko Belavič, Darko Hrovat, Marija Kosec
Title: Večplastna keramična struktura za nekontaktno dielektrično gretje tekočin [SL], Multilayer Ceramic Structure for Contactless Dielectrical Fluids Heating [EN]
Description: The object of the invention is a multilayer ceramic structure that enables contactless dielectric heating of liquids and contains two electrodes, a cavity between them, and an input and output channel. Electrodes may be in direct contact with the heated liquid, but they may be protected by a thin layer of ceramics, which must be considerably thinner than the height of the cavity between the electrodes. Ceramic foils are folded in such a sequence to obtain gaps in the right places and compress the whole structure uniaxially or isostatically. Compressed multilayer ceramic structure is milled at temperatures from 800 to 1600 degrees C from 5 to 120 minutes. After firing, install the piping inlet and outlet ducts.
Category: Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology application codes: Electronics it telecoms, Physical and exact sciences, Industrial manufacturing, material and transport, Energy
Market application codes: Communications, Other electronics related, Energy
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