System and Method for Continuous Supervision and Control the Production Process of Tablets

Publication Number: SI24243A
Application Date: 12. 11. 2012
Assignee/Applicant: Jožef Stefan Institute [SI]
Inventor: Matjaž Gams, Tea Tušar, Darko Zadravec, Matej Horvat
Title: Sistem in postopek za kontinuiran nadzor in upravljanje procesa proiz- vodnje tablet [SL], System and Method for Continuous Supervision and Control the Production Process of Tablets [EN]
Description: The purpose of the present invention is the system and the process for the continuous control and management of the tablet manufacturing process is to achieve greater flexibility and higher quality of tablet production, a deep understanding of the technological process and effective monitoring of the tablet manufacturing process. In the invention, this is achieved by a process, system, and device that presents the predicted impact of the current process parameters of production on the quality of the finished product in our comparative tablets in a comprehensible graphic and symbolic manner, and leads it further in the appropriate adaptation of the parameters with the aim of improving the quality of the finished product. Process control and operator control in managing the production process by adjusting critical parameters is according to the invention based on a limited maneuver and control space determined by intelligent techniques taking into account the final product quality (tablets). The management of the tablet manufacturing process is carried out with the help of a graphical user interface, which enables both the display space and the forecasting of the quality of new batches by means of the selected model, and, on the basis of critical elements, suggests in which direction (within the scope of maneuver) if we want to get a better quality final product. Monitoring and management are possible at every stage of the process for all process parameters. By testing various combinations of parameters on upcoming devices in the tablet manufacturing process, the operator searches for the safest and most meaningful combination that brings the gabo to the best tablets. Based on experimental settings and explanations of the system, it decides in each important step for setting the parameters of the next stage in the process.
Category: Electronics, IT and Telecommunications
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